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We made it!

We made it! Today on day 24, we reached our 100% target for our HopeTown house crowdfunding. Yay, and there are still 6 days to go! What seemed for some people impossible... God made it possible. After two sleepless nights at the beginning and questioning my faith journey with this project, I had a dream that we ended the crowdfunding way over the 100% target. The joy and celebration in the dream was so real, that I run to my computer in the morning, to check if God did a miracle during the night. But at that time, it was still by zero funding. Oh wow, what a journey. God spoke to me during this journey. Words of provision for our ministry, for our leadership and for our family. He is good. He is God. He is able. He can make anything possible and give faith for those who doubt it. Thank you everyone who contributed and supported. Thanks for all the money you donated. The crowdfunding is still open and every money coming in now, will be for further projects, local leadership support and skills training! Yepeeee!

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