Living a passionate life for God

D & S

We believe

We believe in a big God who loves people unconditionally! Not just the good guys, but also the ones who society is not interested in anymore. The criminals, the poor and the people who are lonely and broken. 
We believe in a God who heals and restores broken spirits, souls and lives. He is the only God who gives true hope! 
We believe that healthy community with Jesus at the centre meets the basic spiritual needs of the people and God himself is using this community to build his kingdom on earth and to meet his people.
We believe in a God who actively searches for people’s open hearts and will find them. 

We are called

We are called to live our lives with passion and purpose and live a 24/7 missional lifestyle full of adventures, sometimes sacrifices, surprises and prayers. 
We are called to invest into this broken generation of young people in South Africa and to love them with the love of Jesus. 
We are called to look out for people with influence and train leaders who will transform their communities and countries. We believe that healthy leadership will only grow through healthy character developement. We want to lay a good foundation for growing potential and skills and hope for multiplication in other lives.
We are called to be reconciled with God and people, to live life to the fullest and to help others do the same.

We are called

to live life to the fullest, to love God

and to love

people so they can flourish.

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