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“Rest isn’t a reward for the work, it is part of the work.” Unknown

If you are a hard worker like me, you most problably see yourself in this quote. If I have a holiday (like now), I always need time to start resting. My head is full of thoughts, my mind is still working while I lay in bed or try to read a book. Slowly but surely my body can relax and I feel how I start to rest. I haven’t really looked into the computer since a week and my phone is lying somewhere around… but the most difficult one to relax is my mind. I still find myself strategizing, finding better solution for the future, thinking about people which I know go through a tough time or going through some problems who need to be solved.

In every holiday I wrestle with the days without a task even I actually really enjoy it. Next year we actually planning (if it is possible) to have a sabbatical for the first time in our ministry life (20+ of full time ministry) but I think I need to learn how to do it even I feel I really need it. To rest well is work too… I agree.





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