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Awesome God

Do you know that God is a God who surprises us from time to time? He is such an amazing God!

If HE is giving you a vision, HE will come through with the provision for it. For me, this new space is his confirmation that we are on the right track. It is absolutely amazing as it will be the new space for our newly invented internship stream in @hopetownov which is called Industrial Internship.

In November we started to train young people who successfully completed their Basic internship in this new opportunity. They applied for this Industrial Internship, had interviews and got accepted for another year of training in HopeTown. In this year they gain deeper skills and industry knowledge, character training and work place experience to make them more job ready and fit for the future. And @imhofffarm stepped up and is partnering with us and gave us a space for free! They truly believe in this young generation in Ocean View to be trained and equipped! So amazing! I am thankful for these connections, the support and their courage to help us pioneer in this field! Amazing!




Pic taken today when we were able to take over the space! Yay!


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