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 Living a passionate life for God

D & S


In Prayer

We don't believe in prayer. But we believe in a God who hears and wants our prayers! The living God is our helper, our guide and the source of life. If you pray for us, you invest big times into our ministry. We need prayer and that kind of support. If you would like to join our prayer team, you can send us an email, so we can take you on our prayer list and send you some updates. 

In Finance

We don't believe in finance but we believe in a God who is using finance to speak, to set free and makes the impossible possible.

Would you like to support our work through your finances?

The following options are possible:

Financial support for us as a Family 

We don't have a salary paid out in South Africa and don't earn any money in HopeTown. Our salary is made up of donations made by people who believe in what we do and who support us as a family.  We are carried by many different people who believe in our calling and the work we do in Cape Town.

If you would like to contribute towards our salary as a family, you can do this via Campus für Christus Schweiz, the missions organization standing behind us. They do all the handling with the money, make our budget and do the quality control of our work. They make sure that the donations reach their goal and will be paid out in a monthly salary to cover our expenses and to live by. 

BAN: CH26 0900 0000 8001 4986 5

Postkonto: 80-14986-5, 

Campus für Christus Schweiz, 8005 Zürich
Mitteilung / Zahlungszweck: Doris + Stefano Lindsay

Projects & HopeTown Base Support

Support of our projects within the HopeTown community and our ministry base (Hope Education Centre, Skills Training, Church Planting, camps and everything which is involved with crisis relief. 

BAN: CH26 0900 0000 8001 4986 5

Postkonto: 80-14986-5, 

Campus für Christus Schweiz, 8005 Zürich

Mitteilung / Zahlungszweck: Hopetown - Südafrika

"We as a company support the work of Doris & Stefano, because they bring social change and transformation to the young struggling people in Ocean View!" 


Michael Trummer 

Bring a team to Cape Town! 

We love to host teams from different parts of the world who work with us in Cape Town. There are many possibilities how you can be involved in our ministry (practical work, sports ministry, youth work, counselling, training...)

Contact us if you would like to bring a team from your Christian leadership school, youth group or church network. 

Swiss Team from the FEG Gümligen Church. They came for 3 weeks to support the work in Ocean View. 


Are you ready to learn and to serve Jesus in a different background then your own country? Would you like to walk with us and learn from what we are doing? We'd love to give you the opportunity to come and work with us in Ocean View among our HopeTown community.

If you have at least 3 months or more we would love to meet you and to find out if this could be your next step.

Send us an email and we can tell you more about this exciting and life changing experience!  

Lukas & Celina Müller, Evelyne Rytter, Fabien von Bergen & Yannik Leuenberger are only a few examples of all the amazing interns we had in the last years! 

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