Living a passionate life for God

D & S

Family on Mission 

We are a family who love to explore life and have adventures. There is never a boring day in our week as everybody keeps everybody busy. We have arguments, fights, fun, many discussions, deep moments, creativity flowing, expression dances, rugby tackles, sorrys, coffee, prayers, questions and dreams that make our daily routine interesting.
We learn together to love God, love the people who don’t know him and serve the poor. We are on a mission. Our kids are a gift but not our calling.

We live our calling as a family with all ups and downs and we know, God is with us!

After many years serving Jesus in Switzerland, He guided us to Cape Town and we live as we would never leave. We love this city and want to see Jesus lifted high in every street corner, house and market place. 


SHE: She loves everything that is beautiful and interesting and is always up for a hunt on a second hand market for a little treasure. Her husband Stefano is not always pleased with it, as he thinks she has more than enough decoration already - of course she disagrees!


Trying out new things is part of her nature and creativity flows through her veins. As a visionary and dreamer she always sees possibilities to grow, change and build something new. As a lover of flowers she can't have enough of them at home. She loves to spend time with her three wild kids and her lovely husband (by the way he is more than that) and has a lot of guests in her home.

Her home is home to many, as she walks with many different people from different backgrounds and loves to include them into her life. 


Her passion is to see Jesus being worshipped in all the earth. Every nation, every tribe and every people group shall hear the good news of Jesus.


She believes in miracles and restoration and her biggest joy is to see people grow into their potential and serving Jesus with passion. 


Aside of the visionary life in Cape Town, she is a speaker, author of her own Blog "More than pretty" and invests into many different leaders from all kind of backgrounds and countries. 


HE: If you know a good coffee shop, you should tell Stefano. He is interested in the art of coffee making and is on the look out for the best cup wherever he goes. 

He loves sport, particularly rugby! He takes our son Joshua to see the local team - The Stormers play in town (hoping that one day he’ll watch his own son there ;-) and still can’t believe he got to see Ireland beat South Africa here in Cape Town!

After entering the world in Italy, growing up in Ireland and living for many years in Switzerland, adaptability became an acquired strength in his life; learning to appreciate and enjoy different cultures, to live in the moment and to enjoy life. 


His passion is to see people discover Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him and to help them on this journey.


He has a pastoral heart and combines these passions while coaching in rugby and doing Trauma counseling  for victims of crime. He is a father for many young people in the Ocean View community and likes investing long-term in a few and slowly nurture them into multiplying leaders.

He likes discussing deeper issues about faith, life, South African politics and if Federer’s going to retire.


Most people love to spend time with him - as he is fun and has a great sense of Irish humor and makes good coffee.

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