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God's goodness

2023 is a year of God’s goodness. Looking back at this year I feel grateful even it was one of the most difficult years since we moved to Cape Town 12 years ago. It included incredible highs and lows and a rollercoaster of many different feelings. I saw God’s provision in many different areas and rejoiced over amazing milestones in the ministry. We had wonderful people stepping into the call of serving and we had a whole village rallying around our vision and cause. We experienced financial provision and more people could be employed. But employment also caused straines as we employed people from very broken backgrounds who never worked before. There were challenging dynamics and many difficult conversations. I also had moments I felt like giving up this mission of helping people, as people demanded more and more and I wasn’t feeling appreciated with everything we do. It was never enough. But there was this amazing God. A helper in trouble. A counselor to the weary and the saviour of people. He is the one to rely on if you can’t carry it anymore. He was truly my light and my guide this year. The leader on dark roads. The one holding my hand.

It was also a year of learning. Learning about Labour law and many nitty gritty details about South African employment. More learning about how to run a growing NGO and ministry. Loads of learning about leadership and having boundaries. And even more learning to not rely on my strength but to seek God in the hidden space.

I feel joy in my heart. A joy beyond words or circumstances. A joy to move forward into a next year of ministry. A peace to see God move in peoples lives. He is the light and my hope.




Pic qtaken in the Old Tannery in Wellington.


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