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We are working and investing in a community called Ocean View, where about 40’000 ‚coloured' (a South African term used for those who are not 'black' or 'white') people live. Ocean View was born as a township during Apartheid, built for the forcefully removed colured people from around the area. Ocean View is built on a hillside with a truly lovely view of the ocean! The coloured people are lively, loud, good entertainers and have a love for good music and dance. 

There are though also multiple challenges facing the people here. High unemployment, drugs, crime, prostitution and young people falling out of school are daily issues we encounter. Be believe God is busy doing something special! God is moving here even if it’s not always seen. 

HopeTown became an NGO and legal entity in 2022 and transitioned into an NPO in 2023. We have a wonderful board of local South Africans supporting HopeTown in the background. 

Please see our NPO certificate here

Unconventional Community

We want to bring hope and perspective to the young people at risk. In 2016 we founded HopeTown, a Youth Community and Youth Movement in Ocean View. We gather with different age and interest groups in our HopeTown Base and eat together, listen to each other and to God and experience a kind of a family what supports each other and where people find a place of belonging. Our family members are not those you would easily find in church. Gang members, teenage mother and fathers, school drop outs and young people who struggle with addiction learn to love each other and are discovering God. Our HopeTown family is diverse, wild and imperfect and hungry for change.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is busy changing their hearts from inside out. We believe unconventional love means to accept the fact that the people are on a journey to find true identity. Out of experience we know, this journey is often longer then we hoped for. We invest with a long term perspective and live like we would never leave.

We love this wonderful Hopetown family and we pray for lives filled with passion and purpose for them. We know that healthy life, freedom and healing is only coming through Jesus.

HopeTown grew over the last years of it's existence and various projects and life-changing initiatives were developed. We have a great team on the ground doing amazing work. 

HopeTown Student Hub 

We provide a safe space for struggling High Schoolers to learn and grow in their academics. On three afternoons our centre is open to support, encourage and tutor the young people in their homework and help them to achieve better marks. 

We challenge them to grow, train their learning skills, to get a vision for education and qualifications and to help them in finding direction towards their professional future. 

Art Education 

Every Monday afternoon there are creative vibes in the air. We have a wonderful art teacher coming to invest in this young generation of future artists. Art unlocks potential in a wonderful way and self-confidence grows. There is so much more to come!

HopeTown Floorball

A couple of times a week we play a great game in the community what is called Floorball. We introduced this amazing sport a couple of years ago to the kids and they love it. It is a kind of a street hockey and can be played in the middle of the community. We know that sport is such a great key to reach peoples hearts. Floorball is exciting to play and watch, because of the speed and action during the matches, the quick transitions and the number of possible goals. Our team believes in the nurturing of youths in the development of mind, character and fitness through the game of floorball.

HopeTown Surf 

Ocean View is very close to the sea and close to one of the best areas to surf in Cape Town. But many young people can not even swim, as there is no training in the Ocean View schools available.

Some of our team train young kids to swim and to lose their fear of the water through fun games and swim & surfing lessons. Our aim is to help them discover new perspective, joy and self-confidence through the surfing adventure. 

HopeTown Dance / community groups

We love to invest in girls and boys and dance is a great tool to reach their hearts. It is not so much about being a good dancer but more to learn to be confident in your body and to love yourself. We help the girls to grow in character and self-respect and allow them to speak about themselves. 

HopeTown Internship

HopeTown BAsic internships 1-2 years

We love to invest in young people deeply. We’re dedicated to empowering young men and women to put their God-given skills to work and train them on the job. We see the people we serve as individuals created in God’s image. Instead of charity, we offer a training opportunity that affirms their potential as a positive influence in the community. Our tools are skills training, character training, serving the community, mentoring and basic self-leadership training. The Basic internship is 12 months but sometimes can be extended to 24 months. 

Skills Training 

There is huge unemployment among the young people in Ocean View. Those who have dropped out of school, often have no chance to get a job. We believe this doesn’t need to be the end. Our workshop areas are:

  • Screen Printing (T-shirt, Hoodies, bags, kids clothes...)

  • Jewellery making (Brass & Copper Jewellery, keyrings)

  • Sewing work (bags, aprons, purses)

  • Leatherwork (keyrings, wallets, labels, bags)

  • Artistry (spoons, walls, pots, vinyl printing, fabric printing...)

  • Beauty

We want to see them grow in social skills, work ethics, character, teamwork, quality control, self-confidence and to become more job-ready for their next step in life.

HopeTown Industrial internship 1year

The internship can be extended to a second year, called the "Industrial Internship". This includes more training in one of the chosen skills where they get in-depth training and prepares them even more for a job in the industry. 

After this year if they succeed, they can apply for a job in HopeTown in production (terminated contract for one year) to experience real work experience and to build a bridge into their next step in life. The goal is: to make them ready to venture into the industry, to sustain themselves and to find a job in their respective skill. 

HopeTown Social Business 

We got the amazing opportunity to run our own shop as HopeTown from the Imhoff Farm property in Kommetjie. All our products (t-shirts, hoodies, kids clothes, leather products, jewellery, cards and many other articles) you will find in our beautiful shop.

Every Rand from HopeTown's profit stays in Ocean View to support the youth activities and training in the community.  

By the way... we also have our products in 8 different shops in South Africa, Germany and Switzerland. These shops sell HopeTown's products and they love HopeTown's style and quality. We are proud to be represented all over the world with the hand made products. 

HopeTown Academy - Start February 2024 

As HopeTown Education we will provide an alternative school that is aimed at youth who have dropped out of the formal education system or who are at the edge of dropping out of school. We want to create a schooling environment that fosters a safe place of belonging and a positive outlook on learning. It will be a holistic curriculum that includes a basic academic framework, skills training, sports activities, creativity, and life skills.

We believe that providing an alternative school system for youth who have dropped out or who are on the edge of dropping out of school would bridge the gap and ensure young people can access further education and training opportunities as well as future employment prospects.

We will start the HopeTown High-school in February 2024 with a pioneer class of 6 students taught with a holistic curriculum that includes an academic base, skills training, sports activities, and fostering creativity and life skills.

We believe that this investment and individualised academic support will significantly change their future!

See here for more information! 


Our HopeTown family is diverse, wild and imperfect and

hungry for change.


 We invest as if we would never leave!


There is hope!

in Cape Town 

Since December 2020, we got the amazing opportunity to run our own HopeTown shop from the Imhoff Farm property in Kommetjie. All our products (t-shirts, hoodies, kids clothes, jewellery, cards and wooden spoons and other articles) you will find in our beautiful shop.

Every Rand from our profit stays in Ocean View to support the youth activities and training in the community.  

Come and see our trendy products... you will not regret it. If you are to far away for a visit, you can visit our HopeTown online store and order the products you like. 

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