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Walking with God

I took this pic the other day when I was walking my doggy. On that walk I was contemplating about „walking with God“ or „walking and working for God“. What a difference this is!

Walking and working FOR God is based on my achievement and strength. We do it for him and we maybe give our best to do it and try to please him. We work for his glory, for justice, for change and transformation. We can do so much - but it will never be enough. There is still so much to do…

If we walk WITH God we are on a journey of seeing HIM do the job. He is with us, walking sometimes aside of us, in front of us or even behind us… but we don’t loose him on the journey as we stay close. Walking with God keeps me healthy as I know I need him and his presence. He helps me to keep boundaries and reminds me of who I am. It keeps me humble as I know he is doing the big stuff and I help. He helps me to focus on him as there are so many „needs“ which try to carry me away and blurry my eyes.

Walking WITH God is my treasure, my hope, my strength and feeds my soul.





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