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My garden is a place I find inspiration for my life. When I look at my beautiful flowers I know, it wasn‘t me who let them grow. It wasn‘t my voice or my hand who helped that they bloom. Even they grow in my garden and I look after them, I can‘t guarantee the success. Many other things play into it. Sun, wind, water, soil, animals, bugs.... the same in „our“ ministry... I can add alot and serve well, but I can never produce success. This is humbling and healthy to understand. God is the one who is letting it grow, who brings in healing and salvation and even multiplication. It is his garden, his work and my life becomes his life. A big flower has not more value then a smaller flower, a bush that is not blooming adds as much to my garden then a bush with loads of flowers because it is its season to bloom. Our team members will not all bloom at the same time, they have their seasons of growth, pruning back, waiting and flowering. Do we champion them and encourage them? They need a voice who believes in them, they need the space to grow!

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