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The apology

Looking out of the window of our HopeTown house makes me smile. Not just because it is raining - yes that is amazing too - but also because I experienced a little miracle today. One of our girls - the one with the most bad behavior and terrible manners, apologized today for the first time! After investing in her for nearly a year, enduring her hurtful comments and seeing her getting angry about very little things, talking to her endless hours and praying tons of prayers - knowing that God loves her and cares about her life - giving her healthy boundaries but never rejecting her - I saw some little shoots of hope coming to the surface today. In a life like hers, apologies are not an option. She is hurt. Deeply hurt and angry. To anyone and everybody. She experienced horrible stuff in her life and still does. She normally fights. Physically and verbally. She screams, slanders, manipulates and becomes very agressive. She hits and kicks or stabs or is calling her gangster friends to do the job for her. What I experienced today is a miracle. A miracle of change and growth happening in her life. A sign that the seeds of love starting to grow!

Wow - what a day! More rain for those seeds - more rain please!

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