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This is a post in the name of my friend Rosmary, who I deeply love! (In the pic with her daughter - one of our HopeTown girls) She would love to pass on a message to the world. She is diagnosed with end stage cancer and lying in her bed unable to move because of all the pain - but she still can smile. She has a hope bigger than any suffering and she has peace in her heart to die because she discovered faith and got to know Jesus! But she would love to tell you, that sick people need a visit! They need somebody to hug or by somebody to be hugged. They need to know that you care and you haven't forgotten them when they are not on the streets anymore and only lying in their beds often in isolation. Sick people are not afraid to talk about death and last wishes. They are not afraid to talk about their pain because it is real. They need to see you and feel your love and know you are walking the road of suffering with them!

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