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// 21 Day Lockdown // Today starts a season in our lives I couldn’t imagine a couple of weeks ago. We are sitting in the house, not allowed to leave it, except if you really need some food. They will police the streets and check your movements. No doggy walk, no jogging, no visits to our struggling young people in Ocean View. We are locked into our own bubble and hope the virus will pass. Crazy. It feels strange. But I am fine. I have a family I love and they love me. We have a nice place and even a garden. We have enough food. We have books, wifi and games to play. We will be fine. I can’t and will not complain.

But I am worried for our kids in Ocean View who experience abuse at home, who have tough circumstances on a daily basis and for the women who are afraid of their male relatives around them. This is hell for them! I can’t do anything else than pray. Pray for protection for them. Pray for comfort and peace. Pray for Gods presence to come and meet their hearts. I can only pray now. I wasn’t expecting to serve in these ways for maybe weeks. To only be able to pray and to hope for them. It is easier to be physically present and to support them, then to stand back and take the responsibility and only pray for them. But this is needed now. Who knows, when we are able to leave our houses again? But prayer is not isolated and in quarantine. God is not locked down! Wow, we serve a God who is not limited to house arrest. He moves. He works in the darkness, in places we can’t go. He loves in the hidden spaces.

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