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Stand still

This morning while I was walking my dog I thought about the pace which I work. I am a doer and I like that my life is filled with encounters of people and good stuff I love to do. I am convinced that a healthy work ethic keeps us focused and our mission and vision stays on track. But sometimes I do too much. Then I have to rethink and help myself to slow down. To stand still and to wait. To see the beauty of the moment and not only of the future. As a futuristic leader this is a hard one. Standing still. I dont always like it. But it is needed to keep myself healthy and long term in the ministry. The question I often ask myself is: „God, what are you teaching me today?“. This is not a question you can answer in the hustle bustle of life. I need to listen and become quiet for it. 10 min, 30 min, 1 hour or more depends on my possibilities - it is up to me how long these quiet moments are. But without taking them, I become driven instead of called and stress is taking over. Stop for a break. A break for yourself and for listening for what really matters.

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