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Not a game

Our investement in Ocean View is not a game of chess for us. It is not about winning or losing. Or making as many points as possible. Or being successful. We are not here to be liked or to take loads of selfies or to be praised by people. We work and invest in the hidden spaces, encourage young people in the lonely places and share life with authenticity when nobody cares. I believe, it is not what we do that makes a difference; it is who we are. We know we are weak and needy too. We are also broken and hurt. We need people around us to encourage and love us. We admit, we are sometimes lonely and also need a hug. Can we relate with the young people we serve even though we did not grow up with the same pain and hurt - or on the same soil - or even the same country? Can we also learn from them and grow into our potential with their help?

Mission is not a game. Mission is not about bringing as many souls as possible into the kingdom of God. It is not a stage where celebrities teach and preach and the show goes on. Mission is to love people like Jesus would love them. It is messy, sometimes frustrating and we could even get hurt on the journey. Can we do it in our own strength? No! Do we need to know who we are and who we are not? Yes!

Is Jesus, the answer for everything? Yes! - But only if his love becomes flesh and blood in our own lives.

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