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The Storm

What a peaceful sunset tonight before the monster storm hit Cape Town. I am now sitting in front of my fire, hearing the wind rattling on our roof, the kids are all together in our bedroom to sleep (hopefully through the night), candles prepared and everything around the house secured (hopefully my plants survive - but aren't there bigger problems then that???) and I am praying for our loved ones living in Ocean View, some of them not in stable houses with roofs leaking and doors who are not closing properly - and yes, I am feeling guilty to stay in safer conditions then them. It is a challenge in my heart, to know that there are always people somewhere who have less or go through challenging circumstances. How to deal with it? I don’t always know as I don’t have a answer to all the difficult questions in our society. But I know that God wants to show me step by step how I can reach out, how I can help and how I can be the person he wants me to be!

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