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Brave High Schoolers

What an amazing opportunity we have - to tutor young people in their struggling school subjects and at the same time we can start a discipling process and integrate them into our lives. We feel one of the best ways to invest into young peoples lives, is to support their education and their future. We have so many young people dropping out of school, just because of a lack of support in their family structure.

As a Jesus centered community, we have a responsibility to support healthy family structure and this is what Moms and Dads should do.... help their children to do homework, asking them questions about their schooling and performance, challenge their views and attitudes and help them grow in character! We hope and pray, that the Hope Education Centre is much more than just a place where the young people spend their time. We have an expectation that this place is a place of peace, growth and joy, because Jesus is present! Our goal is to include the parents in the journey, so they are encouraged and trained how to support their children and to take responsibility in the journey.

We love it, when the young people flood our place and are looking for help and support. This is a sign of bravery in midst of the struggle of life. Well done, young High Schoolers for stepping out of your fear of failing and connecting with us! We love it!

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