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Every morning is different in prison. This morning I asked one of the boys to tell me his life story. I realised he had never done that before and his words were raw and honest. Then we touched the time when his crime happend... He is charged for gang rape of a 16 year old and got a 12 years sentence. Suddenly his story becomes smooth and sweet like a doughnut. I realised he told this story so many times over the past year - his eyes run around in the room and he was not really looking at me anymore - at least not like before. Conclusion of his story was - he is innocent! (Like many others in the cell ;-) Something what I realised over the years is the fact, that God helps us to discern lies from the truth. This poor boy told the lies so many times that he started to believe them. To put a wall up and to cover yourself with lies to defend yourself is not only happening in prison. That’s so sad! We will never experience true freedom like that! Today I was happy to show this boy acceptance even if he lied to me. He needs people who love him and help him to become a man of truth! I pray and hope that he started this journey today - after our honest eye to eye conversation - then the truth will set him free! Jesus will set him free! #DiscoveringJesus #RestorativeJustice

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