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Spiky Moments

Today I was busy doing a little creative project with one of our local interns. While I was painting these spiky skewers, I reflected on the spiky moments in my life. I experienced quite a couple of disappointments in people lately. To invest deeply into people is messy and it will not save you from experiencing pain and hurt. If we share life with people who go through many life challenges, you see quite ugly and horrible stuff. To follow Jesus needs to be learned. Obedience towards God needs to be discovered and understood. Sometimes you think they learned the lessons but then you discover they were just hiding and pretending. You have to start all over again and focus even harder on the inside change. I explained today in a long session why we are not in the „hiding and pretending business“ but we go for inside change. I asked myself how many sessions I had like this before? Countless most problably in different settings. Honesty needs to grow inside of us and can’t be demanded. We can discover it together and allow each other to step up and bring the darkness into the light. I am grateful for the honesty which grew today. I celebrate it. At least we can experience what „belonging first“ really means. Belong - Believe - Behave. A way to move forward and to include our brokenness. We are in this together. Fresh start. Fresh beginings. . . . #discipleship#learning#lovingpeople#belongingfirst#mission#ministry#leadership#thegospel#goodnews#insidechange


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