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Raising a leader

This week was a special week for us as my youngest had his 14th birthday. We are grateful for his life and to be able to raise him into a young leader. I always told myself that if we have the gift to have children (yes, it is a gift to have children and we cant take it for granted) that I will give my best (which is actually never enough… we need Jesus to help us!) to raise them into responsible and committed leaders who will shape their world for the better.

I’ve seen too many families, rallying around themselves and making kids an idol in their lives. I believe in today’s time to have kids can become a huge challenge to make excuses for not answering God’s call, serving him deeply outside of our comfort zone or just focusing on making a good and comfortable living. I truly believe that if kids realise that they are not the only ones in our lives but are part of a bigger calling to serve people (not always have mommy and daddy for themselves) they will realise they are needed in this world to shape it too. Family on mission is more than a slogan. It is a choice which comes with sacrifices and commitment. It brings challenges, joy and needs. What I’ve learned so far? God will help us to fill our needs.




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