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Save our world?

Today I was part of a very cool initiative of our neighborhood to raise awareness towards our precious earth. It was cute to watch the kids with their banners with „save our world“ on it, to hear their little passionate speeches (of course influenced by their parents). I saw all the effort with gardening in our community park and had some conversations with very strict vegans who were worried that their kids eat butter in the brownies on the food table. It made me think. I live between two worlds. On the one side, there is the middle and upper class with all our modern day problems and very much concerned about the environment. At the other side, we have the poor and the broken, who are challenged with a everyday survival battle, not really concerned about the waste and the problems in this world because of lack of education - and they would loooove to have butter on their bread everyday. We are all very close in distance but miles away in reality of life. I hope we also teach our children to care for those people, to spend time with them as much as we would love to save our world. To love deeply our own neighborhoods in a practical way and create change and justice in this world with our actions. It is one thing to teach a child to hold a banner up on the street for less plastic in this world, but a much more difficult one, to not overlook the broken people, serve them selflessly and bring change to humanity.

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