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The steep slope

Before you climb the path you don’t know how steep it it will be. You don’t know how much you will sweat and what comes along the way. The only thing you know is the moment you are in and the way you have already gone. If you look back you see the long road behind you and all the meters you climbed from the place you came from. Celebrate this moment - it gives you strength to continue. Yesterday God spoke to me through my 11 year old lying flat at the road because she was so exhausted from the crazy heat and the steep slope. She was lying on the hot path and thought she cannot move anymore. But when I encouraged her to look at what she already achieved she lifted her head and looked down into the valley and realized she can go on and conquer the mountain. God showed me on the spot I need to do the same with our visa challenges. To look back and celebrate. It gives me new strength. There is always a road before you and you can conquer the „mountains“ of problems. Step by step.

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