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Girls, girls!

Listening to the stories of my beloved girls, is similar to the sound of a bird sanctuary. High pitched voices, sweet sounds and some really disturbing tweets. These are not any girls - they are strong and tough! Coming out of really hard circumstances, which shaped their lives and their worldview.

Every week I discover sadness and pain.

Girls who never had a positive father figure in their lives. Girls who don’t have a mom, which loves them in a way they would need it. They never hear, “I love you” or “well done”! They want to run away from home, because they feel neglected, overlooked, hurt and guilty for everything what goes wrong. Their eyes are shy and they don’t look into mine. They giggle while they tell me the horrifying stories how they were abused – shame, so much shame! At the same time, tears are rolling down their cheeks and their nose is running.

Girl you are loved! Girl you are not overlooked! Girl you do have a father who loves you dearly! Don’t look around in the wrong corners for love, do not run away from home. There is a God who has not forgotten you and is knocking on your door.

They are young – to young to drive a car or to drink alcohol. It wouldn’t stop them to have sex with boys, in hope for some attention.

They are young – to young to drive a car or to drink alcohol. It wouldn’t stop them to have sex with boys, in expectation for some attention. They dream, they will be loved like that – but the boys only laugh at them behind their backs and tell each other the stories what they do with them. They are only girls they say – only girls!

Girl you are not only a girl! You are a wonderful precious pearl! You are strong and courageous – beautiful and wanted!

I can’t look away and I don’t want to look away! My heart is stretched and in pain. I feel the love of Jesus towards them and it breaks my heart! How can I inhale the selfish smell of the society who is afraid to loose a bit of their comfort - when these girls never had anything? How can I look at my family and not to be thankful for the amazing love I receive – when they never get a hug without conditions?

There is Hope – God is Hope! He stretches out his arms through me and you. Church - we are his arms, we are his feet, we are his eyes who are not overlooking the one who suffers. If the girls don’t look into our eyes –let us hug them. If they have tears on their cheeks, we wipe them away with a gentle touch. We kiss the wounded heart and it will be healed!

Church wake up! Church you are needed! Church your actions are stronger then words!

Church your love will grow the seeds of restoration.

Girl – you will be found – Jesus - your saviour - is looking for you!


P.S. Writing in english is a good challenge for me, but I am sure you will find a couple of mistakes. If you do... pray for improvement! :-)

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